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Bob Hoopingarner has helped others, and he can help you boost organizational performance with, leadership development, increasing personal self-awareness, improving interpersonal relationships, expanding listening skills, and learning the power of empathy.

Would you like your team to deal more effectively with each other and with your customers/clients?​
Is it difficult to retain your best performers and keep them motivated?
As a business owner or executive, do you wish you had someone to listen and help you think through challenging situations?

Using a combination of high performance coaching and strategic management consulting, Bob addresses those critical people issues that affect every organization’s bottom line. Using skills gained as a clinical counselor, manager and business coach, Bob helps companies boost the emotional intelligence competencies of its team members by focusing on five attributes that result in a higher level of performance:

Handling relationships​
Influencing others
Knowing one's own wants, needs and preferences
Managing one's own responses and impulses
Motivating oneself to achieve short-and long-term goals
Bob also offers a wide selection of education sessions to improve workplace effectiveness ranging from leadership and team development to sales training and communication skills.

Ready to find out more?

Whether you are a business owner, executive, manager or human resources professional, working with Bob can be your simple, effective and powerful solution to improved business success.