Coaching Services

Coaching is a one-on-one relationship to help clarify goals, identify action steps, track progress and overcome the obstacles life can throw in the way of achieving our desires. With Bob, you have the advantage of working with a seasoned professional who has the extensive knowledge, experience and people skills to understand your unique circumstances and help take you and your business or career to a higher level.  

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Executive coaching provides an opportunity to dialogue with a peer about business and personal goals and concerns. It is a place to lean into your learning edge with the support of someone who understands the demands and pressures of today’s business world. Coaching can help you gain clarity about direction and the next steps for a profitable business and rewarding personal life

For Mid-level

Leaders or Senior Management

  • Improving interpersonal relationships by developing listening skills and increase understanding of the power of empathy

  • Communication skills

  • Influence

  • Self-awareness

  • Building effective teams

For C-Suite Leaders, Senior Vice Presidents

  • Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself, improving interpersonal relationships developing listening skills, and increasing understanding of the power of empathy.

  • Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, and empathy

  • Influence

  • Leadership during times of change

  • Leading with vision and purpose by motivation and engagement

  • Developing powerful and effective teams

Leadership development can help retain high-performing employees by demonstrating the company’s commitment to their career development. It also helps them acquire necessary skills for managing people and for undertaking additional responsibilities

Do you have an open mind, open heart, and are you ready to work?

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